Why is WordPress.org free — its facts and secrets

It is always a well-known fact that WordPress.org is an open source that comes at zero cost for your website and blog needs. Here, open source is all about the kind of freedom you will get through it like you are free to modify, free to build upon, and free to redistribute too. Many people definitely get a doubt here as, why they are offering it free and why there is no price tag attached to this software. Here, few things one should know is being open source is not all about its free usage and it involves valuable contribution from the talent pool of the community too. It will allow and accept contribution from everyone in this world and uses their contribution for improvising the product successfully. Here, major inside activity will take place in the form of support to the core development team of this project in many ways through reporting bugs, through contributing patches and through suggesting additions. This is resulting into improved versions for the WordPress one after one.

The profitability factor for this open source software comes through offering additional products and service packages for the users. The free open source WordPress software comes with restricted features and people wanted to avail the useful features for enhancing their website performance will buy it through making payments. This will result into an upgrade for your free web site or blog with additional useful features. Mainly, the CSS modifications availed through upgrade with payment will create powerful working environment for your website or blog.

There is little more inside activity should be mentioned here. This WordPress is definitely a open source software that is available for all openly on the net. You might have heard of plugins for WordPress. These plugins are customized additions for your website to perform some special activities for your site or blog. Every year, many developers are coming up with many useful and helpful plugins for WordPress and selling them to the WordPress users. This business is currently grown to multi-million dollars every year throughout the world. People regularly buy many types of commercial plugins, themes, and many more. Take for example StudioPress.com, which is making every year multi-million dollars through selling WordPress themes.

There is one more thing requires special mentioning here. WordPress is definitely comes at free, but remember that it is not copyright free. It is allowed to use, but not allowed to contribute. This is a kind of open source software that allows free usage, free modification, and free redistribution of code. Here, the catch is that modification can be done to the software but not to entire code. As long as the software being used for your site or blog can be availed totally at free. People looking for simple website or blog can go with this open source, but remember that spending will be needed while you want to make your site further more dynamic and efficient with special themes and plugins.