What is Gravatar and its benefits

“Gravatar is a service for providing globally unique avatars and was created by Tom Preston-Werner. Since 2007, it has been owned by Automattic, having integrated it into their WordPress.com blogging platform.”


Gravatar (gravatar.com) is a grey icon that stands as Globally Recognized Avatar. It is already infectious and millions of people all around the world started using it for their websites. Especially, WordPress has come up with a special built-in support for your Gravatar and it serves well to pull the individual’s globally recognized avatar from the Gravatar servers. This will result into showing gravatar every time next to the comment. This commenter can obtain exclusive identity all over the World Wide Web successfully.

Here, it is quite imperative to mention little in detail about avatar before going further on Gravatar. Avatar used to serve as a graphical representation for the user earlier. People used personal picture or an icon as their avatar to associate well with their presence. Icons are definitely popular for the avatar usage on this virtual world. It can be witnessed to a greater extent with the gamer community too. Here, avatars used and served as identification help particular at places like forums and discussion boards. People use different nicks as their login IDs and some of those are very often hard to read and remember. Avatars will serve as a great help in recognizing and remembering people with their avatar rather through their tough nicks. This wide usage of avatar and its help resulted into its extensive transformation into Gravatar now.

Why should we use Gravatar may be your question now after learning more about avatar history and Gravatar’s entry into our virtual world. Branding is nowadays essential for a business or NGO or a professional or someone that is wanted to make a mark over the World Wide Web. Gravatar is definitely a great helping hand to build your brand on this virtual world. Every time, there is a presence of you in the form of comment or some activity at forums or discussion boards will get more attention and recognition through this Gravatar. There are instances people used to visit your site or blog through being attracted by your Gravatar too. Definitely, it is a rewarding act from you through creating a special Gravatar for you.

Now, are you geared up to ask me, where and how to get this Gravatar, then read further. There is Gravatar Website to sign up and to get a good gravatar for you. Here, always register with an email that is currently being used by you for commenting and forum or discussion board activity. People those are with WordPress based websites and blogs are more benefited for this purpose because gravatar integration is available from WordPress. Old websites and blogs can add this integration very easily too. WordPress built in support is arranged in a better for these needs and you will get very quick integration of Gravatar for you. It is never late now to have your special grey icon in the form of Gravatar and make more out of it successfully.