The best ad-blocker extensions for your favourite web browser, free and open-source

If you are annoyed with too much ads, popups, and malware while visiting web pages or while watching videos, then here’s a list of free and open-source best ad blocker extensions for your favourite web browser out there.

uBlock OriginChromium, Firefox / Firefox for AndroidLightweight, Fast, Lean4.5/5
uBlock Origin LiteChromiumPermission-less4.5/5
AdBlockChromium, Firefox, Android, iOSBetter Interface4/5
Adblock PlusChromium, Firefox, Android, iOSAdvanced, Acceptable-ads4/5
Adblock FastChromium, Android, iOSFast3.5/5

Popular Chromium based browser that support the above ad-blocker extensions are Chrome, Edge, Opera, Brave, Vivaldi, Yandex, …et cetera.

Check out FilterLists for a comprehensive list of filter lists from all over the web (click the Add link of a filter list to import that list into your favourite Ad-blocker).