How to optimize Twitter SEO for your business

It is undeniable that Twitter is one of popular social media websites. It offers fast information through 140 characters. Many companies start to pay attention to the use of Twitter for their business. They even create account for their company and share information about the company itself, the products, services and other related stuff.

You can use Twitter to promote your business. It allows you to post something short but has sharp information to keep in touch with your customer or gain new potential customers. Twitter is perfect place to keep your business heard by massive users on it. Even if you are new or a seasoned pro to Twitter, here we have simple ways to optimize your company’s Twitter profile through some simple SEO campaign. Fancy to know? Here is how to optimize your Twitter and get better rank in Google’s eyes as well as promote your business.

Your account name and user name should reflect your business

One of the first things you will have to do when signing up for a Twitter account is to choose your account name and user name. While your account name will show up in your URL, your user name can be seen on your Twitter profile page. Even from here, you will have to consider how your choices will affect your SEO efforts. Choose an account name and user name that are relevant to your business. If you have a brand name, it is best to use that. Although your account name and user name do not necessarily have to be the same, it will be good if you can use the same name for both.

Optimize your bio

The Bio part in your Twitter page is where you will put the description or details about your business. Basically, it is your ‘about us’ page in Twitter. Unfortunately, you are limited to using only 160 characters so make sure that you use relevant keywords especially since this portion is indexed.

Write only quality Tweets

With limited characters available to you per tweet, it is important to consider what kind information you want to share, include all the details. Keep your tweet short and contain sharp information about your business, products or even just share piece of information that relate to your business. This action will give something valuable to your followers and customers. Keep in mind that quantity of tweets is not important as share a quality tweet.

Tweets are a form of linking, and linking can still affect your SEO campaign. While your account might be new and you manage to get a link from a site that has authority on Google, this will start to see an increase in your Twitter Profile’s popularity. If more people start to re-tweet your updates, this will help your site be seen as an authority on a topic, and help to build authority around your site and potentially increase its rankings in Google’s eyes.

Updated your Twitter account frequently

People like something fresh and new on a website. If your company account barely updates the status, potential customers will assume that you are out of business now or you stop the production and they will stop following and even unfollow your Twitter account. To avoid this situation, make sure you update your account frequently; with interesting information to make sure they keep visiting your account because they are curious about what information will you share next through the account.

Re-tweet someone else’s tweet

You can always find a certain information that relate to your business, maybe article from popular newspaper, quote from popular businessman or just tweets relate to your business written by other Twitter users. You can simply re-tweet it again as the opportunity to gain better ranking when it comes to Google search as well as build brand awareness. When your followers have interaction to your account do not forget to reply it and create warm interaction with them. This will keep the intention to your business and company well-maintained and of course attract the customers as well as new potential customers.

Market your Twitter page

This means promoting your Twitter page to other Twitter users. At the start, a lot of users will not have any idea that your Twitter account exists so promote it by putting up a Twitter button on your website if you have one, asking your customers to follow you, informing your customers through email, asking your followers in your other social media networks to follow you on Twitter as well.

Give the Twitterverse new content

Just because you are on Twitter and you have a website does not mean you are guaranteed better search engine placement. Your best bet is to update your website frequently and tell Twitter about it. Every time you add a page or write a blog entry, be sure to tweet the URL of the new content. Tweeting the URL of your new content will help drive new traffic to your website, increase exposure, build a better online presence, and encourage search engines to crawl your site. If the content is really good, you may even get a few powerful retweets! In other words, Twitter can help spread the word of any website updates much quicker and to a much larger audience.