7 reasons to quit Facebook [in 2014]

Feel less positive, have less real users, get bad effects to health, etc.! These are one of the 7 main reasons why we should quit Facebook — one of the best social networks.

Facebook is causing irritation.” Have you ever shouted or heard this statement before? If yes, how many times? We believe a lot, right. So why to delete Facebook? It’s because more and more people seems to get more tiredness of its social networking, especially the youth. There are dozens of irritation relating to Facebook in the previous year (2013). Even the company has admitted that the number of young people is using Facebook less regularly. Now, take a look at a couple of reasons that might mention us the reasons to delete Facebook in this year (2014).

1. No one truly wants to know about what happens to us.

Update statuses or sent birthday messages or post photos seem to receive less attention from Facebook users. Here is a typical example. Some says that the number of birthday messages is less than before. It can be explained that perhaps some people don’t take care of us. However, the truth is that this network has no longer attraction. Moreover, there are more and more social networks nowadays. Especially, the young people prefer some specific social networks i.e. post all statuses on Twitter or photos on Instagram.

2. Facebook is not private any longer.

Previously, we can select useful options in Privacy Settings that can help us hide on Facebook for some valid reasons. Nevertheless, now, it’s not right anymore because Facebook has restructured its searching form. Accordingly, the only way to ensure that no one can enter our profile is to block them. Or simply change our name so that the others can’t search our real name on Search bar.

3. Our parents know about Facebook.

Facebook is no longer for the young people. Besides, the number of dads, moms, grandparents or aunts joining in Facebook is gradually increasing. It means that whenever posting any status or any photo, we will easily get our parents’ keen and curious eyes. Of course, they do that because they just want to take care of us. However, we have no freedom when using this social network.

4. We easily feel pessimistic when using Facebook.

According to a last study of the UVU Behavioral Science Department — Utah Valley University, more and more Facebook addicts feel unhappy in comparison with the happiest people out there. Using Facebook regularly can increase our loneliness as well as decrease our studying or other activities.

5. Ads are everywhere.

One of the other reasons to leave Facebook is Ads. At first, advertisements just appear on the right side of the screen. However, lots of pieces of ads have started sneaking in with each individual profile, home page. Even people create a new account and just use it for advertising. One more thing is that Facebook has applied some irritating ads out in December. So, whenever entering Facebook, some videos will be automatically played, but just tap on it to hear the voice. Is it the good news?

6. Our health will decrease.

Some scientists say that spending too much time on Facebook will cause some bad impacts on the users’ health, including the mind and the body. Moreover, we can easily get some symptoms as eating disorder and psychophysiological disorder or even be stressful, feel less positive, depression, etc. In addition, almost Facebookers are online at night. It makes the parts in the body work too much and leads to some bad cases about health.

7. The number of “real” friends is truly less.

Try to imagine! The total number of our friends in Facebook is about 1,000 people. Nonetheless, can we assure that we will receive all 1,000 messages on the birthday? Of course, not! Playing Facebook is rather similar to our real life. We just contact those guys, who are really familiar with us, right? Although Facebook proposes advanced searching tools, sometimes we can receive strange suggestions. How can we know that who are “real” and who are “virtual”? If we don’t like making “virtual” friends, to stop playing Facebook is the good choice.