Cast away boredom

One thing that can be a source of unhappiness is boredom. And there might be situations and activities at your workplace at that might bore you. Here are some tips to re-frame the moment, even if you can’t escape a situation, by re-framing your emotions about it, you can transform it.

  • Put the “mediation” after the activity that’s boring you. If you’re impatient while waiting for, say, a bus, tell yourself you’re doing “Bus waiting mediation.” If you’re waiting for the response of your client, you’re doing “Waiting for reply meditation.”

  • If something is boring for two minutes, do it for four minutes. If it’s still boring, do it for eight minutes, then 16, and so on. Eventually you discover that it’s not boring at all.

  • Take the perspective of a journalist or scientist. Really study what’s around you. What are people wearing, what do the interiors of buildings look like, what noises do you hear, what do the documents show? If you bring your analytical powers to bear, you can make almost anything interesting.

  • Find an area of refuge. Have a mental escape route planned. Think about something delightful or uplifting. Review photos of your children on your phone or listen to an audiobook.

  • Look for a way to feel grateful. It’s a lot better to be bored while waiting for a meeting to being than to be in an agony of suspense about whether your team failed to meet goals. Maybe your competitor is having an even tougher time.

  • And of course, always bring something to read. —