An insider’s guide to lifestyle blogging

All over the internet there are thousands of blogs devoted to fashion, beauty, lifestyle and everything in between. The message is clear — there’s never been a better time to be a blogger.

But what makes a blog stand out from the pack? We have the inside scoop to help take your blog to the next level, from the people who know the best — other bloggers.

Be consistent. A posting schedule will help your readers know when to check your blog. More than half of bloggers (surveyed) post on a weekly basis, 10.3 hours per week average time spent blogging.

Choose quality over quantity

One post you’re passionate about is worth a dozen that don’t matter. Your content is the heart of what you do so take the time to make it special — even simple ideas can be memorable when you add your own perspective. Remember: inspiration is everywhere when you know where to look. In the world of blogging 64% are inspired by daily life, 16% are inspired by magazines/websites and 20% are inspired by seasonal trends.

Create don’t curate

Instead of just reviewing a new trend, show how you would wear it. Putting your own spin on something can help your content stand out — especially when other blogger cover the same thing.

Keep a journal of ideas

Inspiration can strike anywhere. Carry a notebook with you on the go to write down any ideas that come to you — perfect for dry spells!

Visuals bring your blog to life

Use pictures to help tell your story. Got a smartphone? 60% of bloggers use their smartphone cameras to take photos.

Taking great pictures is not all about fancy equipment. Smart editing, thoughtful composition and good old fashioned daylight can help make your photos look more professional when you’re first starting out.

Build a community

Getting to know your readers and other like-minded bloggers will help your blog start to grow.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there — connecting with others makes the process all the more rewarding.

Best social network to connect with blog readers….. Twitter 43%, Facebook 30%, Instagram 23% and Google+ 3%.

Host a giveway

A fun way to drum up interest or thank your readers is by hosting a giveaway of some of your favourite things.

Ask for opinions

Chances are your readers are just as savvy as you are. Why not let them help you decide how to wear a trend or offer ideas for new posts?

Plan a meet up

A causal meet up is a great to meet readers and other bloggers. Plan something around an industry event or better yet, host a picnic in the park!

Based on an independent survey of fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers.