Which blogging platform is the best? Blogger.com or WordPress.com?

If you are new to blogging, or perhaps even thinking about starting a new blog you may have questioned yourself at one time or another on what to blog about, that alone is a huge question for one to ask. Starting a blog can either be a lot of work, can take a lot of planning and be a challenge, it really comes down to what you want out of the blog in the end.

To help you come up with a good decision in the end, you need to know the essential things that make these two platforms big rivals in the world of blogging. So this time, you will learn the different features and characteristics of each. After you have known these things, only then you can cast a decision that is well-educated and will not cause you any trouble or regrets the moment you have picked the one which you think as the right one for yourself.

Let’s start by comparing just a few features of each platform:

Blogger.com platform features

Offers a very easy out of the box to use admin panel to update posts, add video, pictures and a wide array of content. Very good for those who are starting their first blog and want to start writing right away.

  • This platform offers a space amounting to 1 GB for your free hosting schemes.
  • Your blogs are usually maintained at the blogger site or Google web servers.
  • It gives you the ability to personalize the different templates that you want to use on your blogs. This offer also provides you with a limited flexibility.
  • It provides you an easy time to get yourself started with it.
  • It also offers you with the opportunity to upload and save different types of image and video files.

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WordPress.com platform features

Out of the box wordpress is semi-easy to use, there are definitely a lot of options over to the left to choose from, this can sometimes confuse those who are new to this blogging platform or haven’t had a lot of experience with making a website, however with just a few minutes is fairy easy to figure everything out.

  • This platform provides you with the free hosting capability to store at a space as much as 3 GB.
  • The content that you have made will be maintained at the WordPress web servers.
  • It also provides you with the ability to customize your templates and this can be availed at a limited flexibility.
  • This platform provides you with the best opportunity to get started and it is also considered as a platform that is user-friendly.
  • Provides you with the ability to store image files, video files, and other types of file formats.

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When it comes to the cost, which one do you choose: WordPress.com or Blogger? This time, you will know that both platforms can be available for free. However, WordPress can be upgraded and get more satisfactory results each time you make upgrades. Say for instance, WordPress can be upgraded at a rate of $19.97 per year for 5 GB space to $89.97 per year for 25 GB space.


Since WordPress is a kind of software that is open source, this simply means that bloggers will have the best time customizing their blogs. Compared to Blogger, WordPress is capable of uploading different files in PDF, Word, power Point, and many others.

Basing from the facts mentioned above, it is more likely that anyone who reads this will surely pick WordPress as a better choice. So if you’re on your way to go blogging on the internet, WordPress is the best way to go.

Widgets and Plugins

Blogger and WordPress both use widgets or plugins, these are considered add-ons in a way. Plugins can add a lot of functionality to your site anything from SEO, social buttons, latest posts and much, much more. Creating a discussion through blogging platforms will help you gain more readers, using the right plugins can improve your sites usability, navigation and increase visitors.

When comparing plugins, WordPress definitely has a lot to choose from, in this case if you are looking to configure a lot of options WordPress is the best blogging platform for you.

Customizing themes

Blogger templates (themes) that can be customized without any hassle. You can edit the HTML and CSS directly. But there are limited number of blogger templates available.

There are extremely high numbers of free WordPress themes available over the internet. Using the WordPress.com version of WordPress you can not fully customize the template, you can only customize the options available to you or switch to a new template.

Domain names

Blogger user can transfer your domain for free or you can buy one through the BlogSpot interface. And, once again free blogs are created as sub-domains with URLs like yourname.blogspot.com.

WordPress.com user has to to pay some amount in order to transfer an existing domain in case of the paid service, but of course you can create free blogs on WordPress.com in form of a sub-domain like yourname.wordpress.com.

Final words

Really to conclude it all comes down to personal preference, if you are new to blogging I recommend starting with blogger, if you want to move it up a notch and see what else you can do and expand your options you should definitely check out WordPress.