Using lowercase letters username

I am changing my usernames on most social media sites to a classic way of using a combination of lowercase letters.

Most popular social media platforms (like Instagram) do not allow cAsE sEnSitIvE usernames and force users to use lowercase-only usernames. Usernames with lowercase letters look cleaner and are easier to type.

Old platforms like Discord are also implementing a new system that only allows unique combinations of lowercase letters, numbers, and two special characters: the underscore (_) and the period (.). This is unlike the old format, which allowed both lowercase and uppercase letters (with a discriminator).

There are a few advantages to using lowercase letters for your username:

It’s easier to remember. When you’re trying to remember a username, it’s easier to recall a string of lowercase letters than a mix of upper and lowercase letters. This is especially true if you’re not using a password manager to store your usernames and passwords.

It’s more consistent with other usernames. Many websites and services require usernames to be lowercase. By using lowercase letters for your username, you’ll be less likely to run into problems when trying to sign in to different accounts.

It’s more secure. Some websites and services have implemented filters that block usernames that contain all uppercase letters. This is because usernames that are all uppercase are more likely to be bots or spam accounts. By using lowercase letters for your username, you’ll make it more difficult for your account to be flagged as spam or a bot.

Of course, there are also some potential disadvantages to using lowercase letters for your username. For example, a username that is all lowercase may not stand out as much as a username that contains some uppercase letters. Additionally, some websites and services may have a limit on the number of lowercase letters that can be used in a username.

Overall, the decision of whether to use lowercase letters for your username is a personal one. There are both advantages and disadvantages to consider. If you’re looking for a username that is easy to remember, consistent with other usernames, and more secure, then using lowercase letters is a good option.