Using EasyRedir for URL redirects

A simple, easy to use service for managing URL and domain redirects.

URL (also known as domain) redirects are a common way to use branded, easy to remember names to find your content. EasyRedir is a service that makes it simple to set up these kinds redirects. The nice thing about EasyRedir is that you don’t have to understand or set up the technical stuff.

Getting Started

To get started, just sign up for a free trial EasyRedir account. The process is simple:

EasyRedir sign up form

After you create your account you’re prompted to set up your first redirect. It’s all done on one simple form:

EasyRedir set up form

Once you enter that information EasyRedir will tell you how to configure the DNS records to make the redirects happen:

EasyRedir configuration

That’s it! Once you set up those DNS records your redirects will start working.

EasyRedir for Platforms

People who use e-commerce platforms like Shopify or Etsy, or fundraising platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo can also benefit from URL redirects. These platforms rarely allow you to pick the exact domain name or URL to host your product or campaign on. EasyRedir can redirect any domain name you’ve purchased to a deeply nested page on any platform. This allows you to market your idea with a memorable name that’s easy to type into your device, which is very useful if you’re using traditional media to advertise it.