The essential elements of graphic design

In the world graphic design has become one of the most important things. This is because it is very key in printing and web designing. Graphic design can be used in number of ways for product/service promotion, such as posters, banners, newsletters, logos, brochures, flyers, business cards, office stationery such as cash sale etc.

In order to come up with a well paying design one should consider facts and follow them. These points are related to colors, layout, texture and the size of the designing format.


The layout is the most important part of the graphic design for it is the basis upon which all the other details are added. A good layout should be well balanced, neat and put in a way that the reader will be able to read with ease. One is supposed to put the text in its appropriate position in order to make it nice.


One is supposed to come up with the appropriate corporate color in which it should not be very repetitive. The colors to be used are either in the background, the texts and also the objects. Things such as banner should be legible from a far since it is used to advertise, promote or talk of an event. Being placed at a strategic position it should be read with ease by all the passers by, Newsletter on the other hand should be arranged in a way that the reader will be able to read with ease. Appropriate colors should be used for different texts to make the page attractive to the reader. While on the logo should be designed in a way that they will be understood with ease and should communicate. It should not have many color for it will look bulky.


Two thing one is supposed to consider in the texture is the way the text will look like and on what type of the paper the text will lie. It is in this that the designer will be able to explain to the client the texture of the design. The texture therefore can entail background where it should be simple with the color which is upto the event. The way also the text and the background ought to look on the material should be attractive to the reader. Take for instance a banner where by the background color and the image colors should not contrast.


Size is also another thing to consider most when coming up with the design. It is where size of the entire layout is shown and also the size of the text should vary with the size of the entire layout. The size of the text differs with the entire size of the design. The font size and the size of the layout should be well balanced considering the header and bodice.


The font describes the company or corporate. Some of the companies have a specific font and font colour which should not be changed. One should be careful when selecting the font of the text or the header as well as in the logo.