The best SIP mutual funds to invest in Nepal

The best SIP funds is a list of hand-picked open-ended mutual fund schemes that have given better SIP returns compared to other funds in Nepal.

A systematic investment plan (SIP) is an investment scheme where you can invest a certain sum at regular intervals, namely quarterly, monthly, or weekly.

This means these funds stick to their investment philosophy in difficult times and aren’t afraid of temporary correction in the prices of the stocks in their portfolios and hence generate better returns over long term for their SIP investors.

Fund NameSymbolManaged ByNature Type
NIBL Sahabhagita FundNIBLSFNIBL ACE CapitalBalanced Fund
Siddhartha Systematic Investment SchemeSSISSiddhartha CapitalBalanced Fund
NMB Saral Bhachat Fund-ENMBSBFNMB CapitalBalanced Fund
NIC ASIA Dynamic Debt FundNADDFNIC ASIA CapitalDebt Fund