C-ASBA service charge for Banks in Nepal

Investors can buy primary and rights shares online with the Centralised Application Supported by Blocked Amount (C-ASBA) process which has been implemented on February 23, 2018 in Nepal. C-ASBA is an advanced form of ASBA interface which is claimed to be more user friendly.

C-ASBA will ensure centralized posting and verification of bank account numbers and DMAT account numbers ease monitoring of double application for issue managers and share registrars, cancellation of application upon double applications and prepare a final report for securities allocation.

Here are the list of Banks in Nepal with their C-ASBA service charge per application.

Last updated at September, 2020; for current updated data visit your respective Bank’s website for standard charge sheet.

SymbolBank NameCharge (in rupees)
ADBLAgricultural Devleopment BankRs. 10
BOKLBank Of KathmanduFree
CBLCivil BankFree
CCBLCentury Commercial BankFree
CZBILCitizen BankRs. 20
EBLEverest BankRs. 20
GBIMEGlobal IME BankFree
HBLHimalayan BankFree
KBLKumari BankRs. 10
LBLLaxmi BankRs. 25
MBLMachhapuchhre BankFree
MEGAMega BankFree
NABILNabil BankFree
NBBNepal Bangladesh BankFree
NBLNepal BankRs. 25
NCCBNepal Credit And Commercial BankFree
NIBNepal Investment BankRs. 20
NICANIC Asia BankFree
NMBNMB BankRs. 20
PCBLPrime Commercial BankFree
PRVUPrabhu BankRe. 1
RBBRastriya Banijya BankFree
SANIMASanima BankFree
SBINepal SBI BankRs. 25
SBLSiddhartha BankFree
SCBStandard Chartered BankRs. 100
SRBLSunrise BankRs. 10